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Pat Sebers has been involved in the network security industry for more than 25 years. Throughout his career, Pat has assisted his customers in the identification of problems, the selection of the appropriate technology, and the implementation of the solution. Pat's personality allows easy integration with just about any virtual project team.

Some of Pat's Past Accomplishments
Designed black box solution using encryption technology for automated challenge/response authentication to protect the maintenance port of Siemens PBX's. Virtualy every Siemens™ PBX is shipped with this technology installed. Pat worked with many people during the deployment of TraqNet. George Nolan, now the CEO of Siemens ICN, is one who turned out to be a friend at the end of the project. Pat's name is on the 'patent applied for' along with Shashi Patel

Another example is when EMC called and wanted a way to authenticate, encrypt, and authorize EMC engineers as they access their customers EMC storage devices over dial up and the Internet. Utilizing technology from Algorithmic Research, a solution using certificates to authenticate a single server to the many remote clients, combined with triple DES to encrypt the transport and firewall attributes built in to the remote client were used to create the solution. Every EMC storage device ships with this technology included. Ipsec VPNs would not work in this application..

The last example is Pat working with Visa™ International. Visa, like many companies today, was the object of downsizing. Visa wanted to know how to take the network engineers they had left magnify their productivity as it pertained to network device management of their firewalls, routers, and VPNs. Pat introduced Solsoft NP™, security policy management software, which allows graphic depiction of the network security policy. Solsoft then converts this graphic representation to usable machine readable code and is uploaded to the specific device. Visa has realized a 90% increase in productivity, meaning that one person can do the work of 10.

Skilled Professional Network Security Solutions
A good security solution, regardless of the technology, has common attributes that make for a successful implementation. Just some of the traits are:

  • transparency of the solution to the end user
  • ability to implement in an existing environment'
  • measurable time savings
  • and a measurable return on investment

Applied Network Security realizes support and implementation are very important issues. We work with the customer and create solutions to their specifications. Sometimes the customer likes to receive support directly from the manufacturer, other times we can assemble a virtual team that the customer can interview (and accept or reject) to assist in an implementation. We want the skill set to match the project.

Customer satisfaction is gauged according to the definition supplied by the customer.
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